Mission & History

Our Mission Statement

The Japan Exchange and Teaching Alumni Association of Minnesota (JETAAMN) maintains three primary goals as its mission:

  1. To serve as a support network for returning and past participants in the JET Program by providing a social and informative resource foundation that may facilitate the participants re-integration into Minnesota and allow all past participants to share the skills and knowledge they acquired while on the program.
  2. To continue the JET Program’s mission of promoting the exchange of Japanese culture by functioning as an organization that enhances the opportunities available in the Twin Cities and the greater Minnesota area for Japanese cultural exchange.
  3. To function as a resource center for Japanese organizations and networking opportunities in Minnesota.

As we work towards achieving these goals we will represent JETAA in a professional and responsible manner; we will learn from our differences in other’s perspectives; we will act in ways that foster respect and dignity for all persons; and we will strive for excellence in our efforts.

JETAA Minnesota History

JETAA of Minnesota was founded around 1995 to provide a resource for those recent returnees of the JET Program to readjust back to life here in the United States. It was hoped that through shared experiences in working and living in Japan, we could provide a support network for those returnees who had recently come home. JETAAMN has always been interested in promoting the JET Program, promoting the ideals of internationalization in our respective communities, and trying to establish communal ties with other Japan-oriented organizations as well as those with greater international awareness themes.

Through social events, sponsored community activities and other activities it is hoped that the JETAAMN can provide its members with a solid organization committed to the ideals of internationalization, that human beings are larger than the governments they reside in and that peace through understanding is a desirable goal for our organization and our members.

We would love your donation! Your donation will help JETAAMN promote our cause, progress our organization, and plan fun events for members. Thank you so much!