Content Manager

Manages website content. Assists with event planning and execution.

Virginia Kreisle
ALT - Kyoto-fu, Kyoto-shi 2015-2016


Maintains, modifies, and supervises website and web presence. Manages website expenses and maintains smooth operation.

Nikolai Golben
ALT - Aomori-Shi, Aomori-ken - 2012-2015

A Saint Paul native, I grew up bearing through the cold winters. After graduating from Macalester College and spending two years in China, I applied for the JET Program. Minnesota winters had me ill prepared for the less cold but more snowy winters of Aomori. After three years of teaching, I decided to pursue my passions in IT. Currently I work as a SQL Report Developer for a company that provides payroll services. I love Japanese language and culture, so if you’re here we probably have something in common.

Family Events Coordinator

Plans, organizes, and executes family-friendly events.

Helen Truax
Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima – ken 2005-2006 (1 year)

I have 2 young boys and an amazing husband who I drag along to many JET events, and so I’m constantly trying to come up with JETAA events for the whole family.

Membership Coordinator

Manages the list of outgoing JETs and incoming Alumni. Assists in event planning and execution.

Profile Pic for Mario Acito
Mario Acito
ALT – Kyoto-fu 2010-13

Mario is a Saint Paul native and participated on JET in Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture. He now works technical communications for Boston Scientific. He is a lover of all things Japanese and strives to bring the things he loves about Japan back home. He is excited to be involved with JETAAMN!

Social Media Coordinator

Manages and maintains the JETAAMN social media presence, including the Facebook page and all Facebook events.

Mark Whitley
ALT - Kobe-shi, 2013-2016

Mark worked as an ALT in Kobe while volunteering at Kobe Gaidai University of Foreign Studies. Though his time on the JET Program has passed, he continues to work as an educator – He works in Higher Education as an Academic Advisor during the day, and teaches English to Japanese students online at night. In his spare time, Mark loves to actively study Japanese, travel, sing karaoke and do Escape Rooms. If you share the same interests, he’d love to hear from you!

Events Coordinator

Assists in the planning and execution of events for JETAAMN.

Greg Schuneman
ALT - Fukuoka-ken 2013-2017

Greg was born and raised in Minnesota, coming from humble beginnings on the East side of St. Paul. His time on JET was split, with his first two years being an ALT working in a Senior High School, and his latter two years working as a Prefectural Advisor (PA) in the Fukuoka Board of Education. His passion for Japan extends beyond the classroom, as he took up learning judo while on JET, and continues it today. Currently he works in pharmaceutical manufacturing for a global Japanese company, and plans to return to Japan in the near future to live and work.


Manages JETAAMN’s finances, and budget. Annually applies for grant funding, as well as organizes and maintains end of the year accounting.

Katherine Mary "Kate" Meyer
Nagasaki Prefecture, Sasebo City, 2006-2010

After what seemed like an odd obsession with Japanese history growing up in rural Minnesota, I ended up studying abroad in Japan (and didn’t want to leave). On JET I worked as an ALT in a joint junior and senior high school, with a few weeks at a school for deaf or learning disabled students. Now as a career, I help students find and prepare for international education experiences, as well as working with students coming to the U.S. to study.


Manages the Board of Directors, leads Board meetings, files taxes, renews the 501c3 status of the organization.

Kate Thersleff
ALT – Wakayama-ken 2005-08

Despite being raised by wolves in the forests of Northern Minnesota, Kate Thersleff managed to enroll in and graduate from the U of M – Morris, thus qualifying her for the JET Programme. She worked for three years in Wakayama-ken, where in addition to teaching she also became the “Voice of Koya-san”, making her basically an avatar of the most sacred mountain in Shinto. She now serves as the brains and driving force behind JETAA-MN, also known as the President.