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アメリカ在住のJET経験者のJET Programの思い出話と現在の仕事や生活について、それから、自分の人生がJETの影響によってどのように変わったかを日本の皆さんとシェアしませんか。クレア・フォーラムの9月号に掲載予定です。

CLAIR Forum is looking for articles by JET alumni in the US!

What was JET like for you? Where did life take you after leaving Japan and what are you doing now? How has JET continued to play a role in your life? Has it influenced your career development? We’d love to hear from JET alumni living in the US and share that in our September issue of Forum.

The article must be written in Japanese (don’t worry, we’ll help edit) and should be around two pages long. The limit is 1600 characters in Japanese word count, or around 1000 words in a Word doc. Also please include 4 or 5 photos.

The deadline to express interest is May 19, 2021.

The deadline for draft submission is June 10, 2021.

CLAIR will provide a fee (amount TBD) for articles accepted.

If you’re interested, please contact JLGC New York to discuss your submission. Include a brief outline of your article, with information on your JET placement and life now.

Project lead: Mr. Kazuki

Also, please cc

Tel. 212-246-5542

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