Save the Date: JET 30th Anniversary Banquet Event (SOLD OUT)

Save the date!

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of the JET program, we will hold a very special banquet. We will be talking about the connections between Japan and Minnesota past, present, and future. So join us for an amazing multi-course meal at  Kado no Mise  in Minneapolis as we share our favorite stories on JET and commemorate this anniversary.

If you have a JET story or photos you would like to share, please reach out to us at as we are putting together a 30 Years of JET in Minnesota display and would love to include your memories!

Event Details:

What: JET 30th Anniversary Banquet Event

When: 2pm-5pm Sunday, November 12th

Where:  Kado no Mise; 33 1st Ave NE Minneapolis, MN 55401

Menu (you can request Vegetarian and Gluten Free options through our registration):

     Cold  Course:
          Kabocha Salad and Edamame
     Hot Course:
          Ebi Shiso Age and Nasu Miso
          Chef Osusume Nigiri Sushi Course
     Finisher Course:

Price: Tickets purchased before October 20th are $35 for JETs and $45 for Friends of JET ; Tickets purchased after October 20th will be $40 for JETs and $50 for Friends of JET.

*Seating is limited, so please RSVP and pay using the PayPal links below:

JET Alumni Payment: SOLD OUT

Friend of JET Payment: SOLD OUT 

For more information, visit our Facebook page here!


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