From The Prime Minister of Japan’s Office

Below is a message from the Prime Minister’s Office of Japan. Please feel free to look around their website and social media accounts! 









Greetings to all members of JET Alumni Association from the staff of the Prime Minister’s Office of Japan


We would like to let you know about the English language version of the official app of the Japanese Government – JapanGov App for free.


JapanGov App has been developed to allow the contents of the Japanese Government’s official English language website, JapanGov ( ), which began full-fledged operation in November 2014, to be viewed on mobile devices.


Using the app you can enjoy all the latest contents from the JapanGov website, including everything from the We Are Tomodachi magazine, Government publications, and Japanese Government policies, to everyday information, tourism snapshots and videos. We hope you will download the app and take a look.


The app can be downloaded from these sites:


We hope that many people will try downloading and using this app and deepen their understanding about Japan.
Please feel free to send us any comments at the following address: