Free Online Language Exchange Website: Moshimosh

My name is Lucy Gibson, and I worked as a CIR on the JET Program for three years in Fukuoka from 2007 to 2010.
My husband and I have set up a new website called Moshimosh ( which is a free online language exchange website providing video chat with native speakers. If you are looking to maintain the hard-earned Japanese language skills you obtained during time spent in Japan, then Moshimosh will be able to help them out. All levels welcome!
We are currently launching the website and are trying to build a network of people willing to be the first people to try the new website out. If you think you might be interested in trying Moshimosh (it’s free, as explained in the videos we have linked to below), please feel free to take a look at the site itself, here:
Alternatively, you can watch our introductory videos here: and here:
Kindest regards,