Call to Translators!! Need Your Help…

Call for participants to carry out a translation from Japanese to English with no payment
Objective: Our research is concerned with how translators carry out their work.

Tasks: In this work we will be asking you to carry out two challenging translations from Japanese to English. The total length will be about 1500 moji. After that we will ask you various questions about your background and interests. Your translations and the other information, once anonymised, will be used in our project.

Closing date: 16/December/2013

Target candidate:

Candidates need to understand complex Japanese texts and be able to translate them into English.
Candidates do not need to be a professional translator. However, professional translators are welcome to participate.
Any nationality.
Any place of residence.
There is no age restriction.
Link to the translation tasks and questionnaire:
To participate, please send an email to

Survey questioners:
Naoto Nishio, Research Student
Richard Sutcliffe, Senior Lecturer

Note: Unfortunately, there is no payment for participating in this study. However, we greatly value your contribution which will be of enormous value to our research. Rest assured that the information gathered by us is confidential and that your identity will not be disclosed to anyone.