Lantern Lighting Festival 8/18/2013

The Lantern Lighting Festival takes place on Sunday, August 18th at Como park. We are still in great need of volunteers for both the morning shift and the afternoon shift, as well as all the coolers that we can find. We are once again doing shaved ice or kakikori! Volunteering gets you into the festival for free, and also you get to spend part of the day with me! You know you want to! In all seriousness we really need folks to help, we are very understaffed at this point. If you have 1/2 a day, we really need you. This helps us plan and sustain the JETAAMN events throughout the year.

The first shift is 12-5, and the second shift is 5-end (Festival ends around 9, then we need to clean up). The first shift will include set up, the second will include clean up. Neither will take very long if we have all our volunteers.

Please let me know if you are interested in picking up a shift or letting us borrow a cooler! Feel free to e-mail me at

Thanks so much