UPDATED DATE*** JETAAMN Harukai!!! 5/21/2013

JETAAMN Harukai!!! 5/4/2013 UPDATE: Hello all……IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Due to the weather conditions this weekend, we are postponing our spring HARUKAI until it isn’t rainy and warmer, date TBD. If you were planning on attending last year and couldn’t like us on the Board due to the weather, then you are probably just as disappointed as we are – we’re very sorry!!! But we’d rather hold it when it’s warm and sunny out so we have as high an attendance as possible. Thank you for understanding. Stay tuned for new date details…..

****UPDATE, 5/6/13

New date is set for Tuesday, May 21st from 5:30 until sun down. Please see the original post with details here, but please substitute the new date and time: