Job Listing: Visa Officer at Houston Consulate

From our Consulate contact in Chicago:

JETAA: I have a new employment prospect that has come up, this time in our own Houston Consulate office. We are looking for a new Consular Service Clerk (Visa). Candidates must have strong written and verbal Japanese ability. Traditionally, this position has been offered only to local Japanese natives, but our office wants to open it up to the JETs. If you want to strengthen your language skills and spend time learning more about Japanese legal culture and researching interesting requests. Candidates who enjoy researching and helping others in addition to language and cultural ability will be considered. For a full summary of the position, please email me at

Please see the job description in further detail below.

Summary Position Description

Position: Clerk for Consular Service

1.The key functions for a Clerk in the Consular Section
Under general supervision, the clerk performs all of consular service assistant functions. Typical tasks are:
– Assistance in Japanese passport service
– Assistance in visa service
– Assistance in Japanese citizenship service (birth, marriage, divorce, nationality, etc.)
– Assistance in help, support and protection services for Japanese living in Texas and Oklahoma

2.Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
(1) Japanese language fluency is requirement (oral and reading comprehension)
(2) Demonstrated management skills, ability to complete multiple tasks under general guidance
(3) PC literacy at intermediate level
(4) Ability to organize work and to establish and manage priorities
(5) Ability to work effectively in group

3.Work Style
(1) Adheres to office principles and procedures
(2) Sets and achieves high personal standards of performance
(3) Shows attention to detail, accuracy, thoroughness and timeliness in work
(4) Establishes and maintains cooperative working relationships, promoting mutual respect
(5) Is flexible, open-minded and receptive to feedback
(6) Focuses on customer (internal/external)needs
(7) Meets attendance requirement

English and Japanese: both oral and written fluency